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Have we found Australia’s Best Meat Pie?

We think we have…..

Brendon about to try the Gemtree Meat Pie.

This delicous meat pie is made from home made pastry and a minimum of 290g (Yes you read that right, 290g) of rich beef filling. Now I know what you are thinking that is nearly the same as a lunch rump steak at your local, and trust me you will be full as a goog after this one.

290g of Meaty Goodness in this Pie

As you can see from the picture this pie is not all sauce and it is not going to drip down the front of you. The steak is so tender and along with the chunks there is also shreaded beef. I was a little concerned when I read the board and it mentioned papper as I am not a huge fan of pepper but it is definately not a prominent flavour.

But it is not all about the filling… The pie has a golden flakey top and the crust is not too thick so it is cooked through and holds its shape when taken out of the foil. Even with all the weight of the filling.

Golden Pastry Lid on the Gemtree Pie

And they are only $8.00……… But they do sell out. We had to wait 30 mins for one to cook but so worth the wait.

Gemtree Menu Board

So where can you get your hands on one of this flakey beefy parcels of goodness?

Gemtree Caravan Park on the Plenty Highway in NT. You can not drive past without stopping in.

Gemtree Caravan Park, Plenty Hwy Northern Territory.

Where is your best pie from?