Month Four on the Road – February 2019

1,280 kmIn Muddie
$1,625.23TOTAL SPEND

First things first check out the number of fish Brendon caught…..

Well February was definitely a month of ups and downs….

We had limited opportunity to get out an explore this month due to Care Taking responsibilities so when we did get out we tried to make the most of it. We had a couple of trips out on the boat and caught some fish, I saw and filmed my first croc of the trip. We checked out a few camping areas we have never been to and got some footage and information to make up a review for you.

I decided to do my first marathon which is in the second week of April. I have not done any exercise since leaving Brisbane even then it was restricted to walking to and from public transport. So needless to say I have had to buy something I can wear to train and complete the marathon in as it was not something I had planned on.

Now, whilst February has been our cheapest month it will be leading into one of our most expensive due to the need to replace a few items. Our tablet has died and our action cam will no longer focus and despite attempts to repair both we have been unable to. I brought them in the same purchase back in 2014 so for tech gear these days I guess they have had a good run.

Also the weld on the bracket that holds our Max Trax on our spare wheel broke and our Max Trax fell off. By the time we realised and headed back someone had already picked them up. And despite the sign out the front and the post on the Facebook community noticeboard they were not returned even with the offer of a reward.  I am absolutely devastated as there were two sets including my purple ones that Brendon often jokes that they are the only purple set cause no one else would buy them.

This is how we went….

Distance Travelled = 1,280 km


Fuel: $568.61
Groceries: $119.26
Eating Out: $79.14
Alcohol: $88.00
Accommodation: $0.00
Truck: $0.00
Camping Gear: $264.00
Boat/Fishing Gear: $28.01
Entertainment: $0.00
Personal: $308.86
Bills: $0.00
Misc/Incidentals: $169.35
Permits/Licences: $0.00
Total: $ 1,625.23
Weekly Average: $406.31


Cheapest Fuel: $1.82 (BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld)
Most Expensive Fuel: $1.96 (BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld)
Big Things Seen: None
Nights Free Camped: 0
Nights Low Cost Camped: 0
Nights Caravan Parks: 0
Nights Family Friends Sitting: 28
Times We Set Up Full Camp: 0
Longest Stay (Nights): 28
Shortest Stay (Nights): 0
Days On The Road: 0
Boat Trips: 3
Fish Caught: 10
Fish Caught - Brendon: 10
Fish Caught - Leah: 0


Location - Brendon: Siesia, Cape York Qld (not alot of actual towns up here)
Location - Leah: Siesia, Cape York Qld (not alot of actual towns up here)
Campground - Brendon: Roonga Point, Cape York Qld (we didn't stay but it was really nice when we went to look)
Campground - Leah: Roonga Point, Cape York Qld (we didn't stay but it was really nice when we went to look)
Fishing Spot - Brendon: Seisia Wharf, Cape York Qld
Fishing Spot - Leah: Fly Point, Cape York Qld
Activity - Brendon: Exploring the local free campsites
Activity - Leah: Exploring the local free campsites
Meal Out - Brendon: Chips from the bakery (Leah doesn't know..shhh!), Bamaga Bakehouse Qld
Meal Out - Leah: Cheese & Bacon Rolls, Bamaga Bakehouse Qld


So another month without a budget as such and I think we did pretty well coming in with a weekly average spend of $406.31.

With minimal money spent on food and no bills except for Brendon’s telephone we thought it may be time to purchase a few things that we needed or needed replacing:

  • Light weight hiking tent – We sold our swag before leaving mainly due to the weight. It was also a little impractical as I wanted to do some multi-day hikes.
  • Our personal expenses were up but included:
    • Some clothes for training and running in the marathon. It was not something I packed for or even owned in the past.
    • Another Ninja Shark snorkle mask pack so we both have one.

So looking forward to March we know it is going to be an expensive one with the replacement of the Maxtrax, camera and tablet. We noticed that fuel has gone up over the past few weeks so fuel expenses will also increase. We may also need to by some more food soon.

We hope by the month we will have some content available to help you make the most of your trip to Cape York.

Once again we will be staying with the Croc Crew (Croc Tent Family) but we also have lots of plans to get out there and explore the Cape.

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