Month Fourteen on the Road – December 2019

Currarong > Currarong
816 kmIn Muddie
$3,179.70TOTAL SPEND

We settled into our new home at Holiday Haven Currarong earlier than expected due to a precautionary evacuation of Bendeela free camp. Currarong is AWESOME……. There isn’t much out here in regards to services/supplies with the exception of the bowls club, caravan park and takeaway/restaurant/general store but the location and the surrounding coastline is something next level. If you haven’t been here pop it on the bucket list.

This was our second Christmas on the road since we left Brisbane in 2018 and boy was it different to last year. Last year it was just Brendon and I up enjoying the wet season, painted cray and pork belly in Cape York. It was the ultimate quite Christmas. This year we were really lucky to be invited to share Christmas with the Bell family and it was an awesome day. Either way we still missed our families which is just part of living on the road.

We were pretty lucky and caught a glimpse of Santa, and on Christmas morning we had some willy wagtails hatch in a tree just outside our camp.

Like most people on the South Coast of NSW December was filled with ups and downs associated with the festive season and the fires that continue to devastate the area. Living in the caravan park we have seen first hand how the fires have effected the tourism industry of the entire South Coast. So if you haven’t got plans for your next holiday head down it is a truly beautiful place.

With nothing else major to report for the month this is how we went…..

Distance Travelled = 816 km


Fuel: $312.05
Groceries: $713.62
Eating Out: $151.30
Alcohol: $273.77
Accommodation: $600.00
Truck: $0.00
Camping Gear: $113.81
Boat/Fishing Gear: $189.97
Entertainment: $0.00
Personal: $354.50
Bills: $341.35
Misc/Incidentals: $87.20
Permits/Licences: $42.13
Total: $ 3,179.70
Weekly Average: $718.00


Cheapest Fuel: $1.45 (United, South Nowra NSW)
Most Expensive Fuel: $1.46 (United, Culburra Beach NSW)
Big Things Seen: None
Nights Free Camped: 0
Nights Low Cost Camped: 0
Nights Caravan Parks: 0
Nights Family Friends Sitting: 31
Times We Set Up Full Camp: 1
Longest Stay (Nights): 31
Shortest Stay (Nights): 0
Days On The Road: 0
Boat Trips: 0
Fish Caught: 8
Fish Caught - Brendon: 8
Fish Caught - Leah: 0


Location - Brendon: Currarong, NSW
Location - Leah: Currarong, NSW
Campground - Brendon: Holiday Haven Currarong, NSW
Campground - Leah: Holiday Haven Currarong, NSW
Fishing Spot - Brendon: Big Beecroft (Mermaid Inlet)
Fishing Spot - Leah: n/a
Activity - Brendon: Snorkeling at Bosom Beach
Activity - Leah: Exploring the Currarong Coast line
Meal Out - Brendon: Christmas Dinner with the Bells
Meal Out - Leah: Christmas Dinner with the Bells


Not being able to get out and about this month lead to a very acceptable weekly spend of $582.51 for the month of the festive season.

Our top three expenses were groceries, personal expenses and bills.

Groceries were up a little this month with one substantial shop and buying those extra little treats that make the festive season.  It doesn’t take much to add up these days but there are somethings that are just a tradition.

Personal expenses of over $350 what the…. well this included Christmas presents and my splurge on Rockwear Boxing Day sale. What can I say you have to make the most of a bargain. 🙂

And bills like I said in our previous post we have now moved to pay by the month for most bills. It does suck when you add them all up at the end of the month and think about what you could have spent the money on.

With our evacuation from our first campsite we learnt this month how important it is to have an emergency plan no matter where you are staying. It’s not a bad idea if your camped next to others to give them your phone number just in case you are away from camp!

Let’s talk about our favourites for the month, we didn’t get out too much so keep that in mind.

Town – For both Brendon and myself it would hands down be Currarong NSW our new home. Besides here the only other places we visited was Nowra, NSW and Callala Bay, NSW and neither compare to Currarong.

Campground – Unfortunately this month we didn’t get out to explore any other campgrounds so will have to skip that this month.

Fishing Spot – Brendon had a great time with kingfish at Big Beecroft.

Attraction – This month the highlight activity for me was exploring the Currarong coastline by foot and on the paddle board. Even though I did lose my sunglasses exploring the water was spectacular with the amount of marine life.

Meal Out – Hands down Christmas lunch with the Bells. With pork, beef, roast vegtables, prawns and caramel tarts what is not to love..

So January we will continue to work here at Holiday Haven Currarong until the kids go back to school. We are really excited that we have organised some friends to come and stay with us. We haven’t seen the Off the Track 4×4 crew and Amanda and Matt since October 2018 so can’t wait..

~ Leah

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