Month One on the Road – November 2018

Balcolyn > Bundaberg
4,413 kmIn Muddie
$18,177.93TOTAL SPEND

After years of planning this month was the kick off of our life on the road. Our first adventure had us heading to the Croc Tent in Cape York for the wet season. Like always not everything ran smoothly in the last few weeks leading up to our departure from Brisbane so we had some outstanding set up costs. There were also a few hassles along the way which meant it was an expensive month and we didn’t make it to the tip of Australia.

We stayed the first half of the month at my (Leah’s) parents place to spend some time with them before heading off. This meant our living expenses, in particular accommodation and food were kept to a minimum. We had tried to save some money and have our old roof racks modified into a new boatloader in Brisbane before we left. It wasn’t made exactly how we wanted, so we then planned to have them re-fabricated in Sydney whilst we were down there. It didn’t work out however, the cost to pull apart the work that was already done before starting afresh and remaking them was almost as much as an Almac boat loader. So we decided to bite the bullet and we would wait until we got to Bundaberg and get the Almac, which was actually what Brendon had wanted in the beginning.

One major thing we didn’t count on this month was the suspension failing in our new camper and the manufacturer refusing to pay for replacement parts, it left us stuck in Bundaberg for two weeks.  We had planned to stay in Bundaberg for only two days whilst our Almac Boat Loader was fabricated and installed.

We did not have a planned budget for this month, we knew it was going to be a shocker with the remaining set up expenses (see summary down the bottom). So it wasn’t the perfect start that you read about when they drive out the door say good bye and everything is sandy beaches and magical sunsets, but we were on the road and that’s what matters.

If we had a budget it would have been totally blown.

Distance Travelled = 4,413 km


Fuel: $2,046.48
Groceries: $397.72
Eating Out: $225.95
Alcohol: $294.90
Accommodation: $2.00
Truck: $5,956.40
Camping Gear: $3,163.09
Boat/Fishing Gear: $2,078.77
Entertainment: $0.00
Personal: $301.03
Bills: $3,588.76
Misc/Incidentals: $122.83
Permits/Licences: $0.00
Total: $ 18,177.93
Weekly Average: $4,241.52


Cheapest Fuel: $148.90 (Oaks Village Store, Burnett Head Qld)
Most Expensive Fuel: $172.90 (Coles Express, Forestville NSW)
Big Things Seen: Big Banana, Coffs Harbour NSW
Nights Free Camped: 4
Nights Low Cost Camped: 0
Nights Caravan Parks: 0
Nights Family Friends Sitting: 23
Times We Set Up Full Camp: 2
Longest Stay (Nights): 14
Shortest Stay (Nights): 1
Days On The Road: 7
Boat Trips: 0
Fish Caught: 1
Fish Caught - Brendon: 1
Fish Caught - Leah: 0


Location - Brendon: Balcolyn NSW
Location - Leah: Bundaberg Qld
Campground - Brendon: Little Italy, NSW - Donation Campground
Campground - Leah: Little Italy, NSW - Donation Campground
Fishing Spot - Brendon: Balcolyn NSW
Fishing Spot - Leah: Nil
Activity - Brendon: Sailing Lake Macquarie, NSW
Activity - Leah: Staying with her parents, Balcoyln NSW
Meal Out - Brendon: Mozza's Pizza with Meegan
Meal Out - Leah: Mozza's Pizza with Meegan


This puts us at a weekly average of $4,241.52 for the month (Ouch!!)

I didn’t prepare a budget for November due to the fact that we still had expenses that we hoped to have paid before we left Brisbane. Looking back on the month we were extremely lucky that our living expenses were kept to a minimum by staying with friends and family.

This month we did have a lot of large expenses to do with our set up that were one off’s:

  • Almac Boat Loader
  • Mercury Boat Motor
  • Runva Winch
  • Replacement Aerial
  • Cgear floor mat
  • Replacement Camper Suspension
  • Portable Solar Panels

We also decided to pay our insurances for 12 months this way we don’t have to worry about payments coming out of bank accounts, these included:

  • Camper Insurance (12 months)
  • Truck Insurance (12 months)

In December we started as Care Takers of the Croc Tent in Cape York. Neither of us had ever lived in a remote location or been care takers so coming up with a realistic budget was nearly impossible. Our plan was to record all of our expenses for the month of December and build a budget for whilst we are in Care Taker roles. This may vary from location to location but it will give us a good starting point.

~ Leah

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