Month Six on the Road – April 2019

1,006 kmIn Muddie
$3,959.84TOTAL SPEND

April was another expensive month of ups and downs but hey these happen no matter if you are on the road or at home.

Lets get the downs out of the way first. I finally went to the Dr about my knee and after some scans I have a torn LCL which is the ligament that supports the outside of the knee. Whilst I am lucky it is only a tear and it is not separated it has created a bakers cyst behind my knee which seems to be the source of the pain. So reluctantly I had to pull out of the marathon but it is better to look after myself for the long run.

On the positive with the Maxtrax arriving we had our first camp out since arriving in Cape York and we had a ball. It has been over 18 months since we really went camping last with saving and getting organised for the trip. We checked out Ussher and Sadd Points in the Jardine River Resource Reserve and what spectacular locations. We have already completed reviews on both of them if you click on our “Campsites” tab you will be able to check them out.

This month had the large bill of Muddie’s rego, our big Coles Online order and some bits and pieces that needed to be replaced. One thing I will say is Cape York is hard on your gear resulting in higher wear and tear.

But this is how we went….

Distance Travelled = 1,006 km


Fuel: $652.71
Groceries: $1,179.72
Eating Out: $213.68
Alcohol: $345.00
Accommodation: $13.10
Truck: $784.51
Camping Gear: $188.41
Boat/Fishing Gear: $0.00
Entertainment: $0.00
Personal: $0.00
Bills: $27.56
Misc/Incidentals: $555.15
Permits/Licences: $0.00
Total: $ 3,959.84
Weekly Average: $923.96


Cheapest Fuel: $2.01 (BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld)
Most Expensive Fuel: $2.02 (BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld)
Big Things Seen: None
Nights Free Camped: 2
Nights Low Cost Camped: 1
Nights Caravan Parks: 0
Nights Family Friends Sitting: 26
Times We Set Up Full Camp: 0
Longest Stay (Nights): 26
Shortest Stay (Nights): 1
Days On The Road: 3
Boat Trips: 0
Fish Caught: 21
Fish Caught - Brendon: 19
Fish Caught - Leah: 2


Location - Brendon: Sadd Point, Cape York Qld
Location - Leah: Sadd Point, Cape York Qld
Campground - Brendon: Sadd Point, Cape York Qld
Campground - Leah: Sadd Point, Cape York Qld
Fishing Spot - Brendon: Sadd Point, Cape York Qld
Fishing Spot - Leah: n/a
Activity - Brendon: Beach combing at Ussher Point
Activity - Leah: Exploring the Jardine River Resource Reserve
Meal Out - Brendon: Steak - Bamaga Tavern, Cape York Qld
Meal Out - Leah: Fish and Chips - Loyalty Beach Campground, Cape York Qld


So this month we came in at an average spend of $962.84 per week…. but it has set us up for food and Muddie is now registered for another year.

Our high food expense will cover us for food till we leave the Croc Tent next month. We will be heading to the Weipa for a few days for the Weipa Fishing Classic. There is a Woolworths there so we can restock again then when we know where to next.

After going out exploring this month we are super pumped to get out there and do some more exploring. But I think what we are both looking forward to the most is getting down to the Old Telegraph Track it is something that we have been keen to do all wet season and it will finally be dried out enough to take it on.

Each month we will provide you with the information about how much life on the road is costing us and some facts about what we have done that month.

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