Month Three on the Road – January 2019

717 kmIn Muddie
$4,773.85TOTAL SPEND

Well I can now say with confidence that having a strict budget like so many other people travelling is just not going to work for us. So, these posts will be information on our expenses for the trip and how much we spend each month unrestricted not how much we were allowed to spend.

That being said we spent a lot again in January but this was mainly due to the payment of our annual premium for our health insurance and a Coles order with food for the next 6 weeks.

January had quite a bit of bad weather and we had Care Taker responsibilities to attend to but despite that we did get away on a couple of small drives. We headed to the tip for the first time since moving up here which seems crazy.

The tinny was launched for the first time in Jackey Jackey Creek, Cape York, Qld (there is a blog post about that adventure) and there was other fishing trips in January.

So this is how we went…..

Distance Travelled = 717 km


Fuel: $350.88
Groceries: $927.36
Eating Out: $49.73
Alcohol: $305.00
Accommodation: $0.00
Truck: $12.00
Camping Gear: $153.41
Boat/Fishing Gear: $241.46
Entertainment: $0.00
Personal: $314.49
Bills: $1,954.30
Misc/Incidentals: $415.22
Permits/Licences: $50.00
Total: $ 4,773.85
Weekly Average: $1,077.97


Cheapest Fuel: $1.82 (BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld)
Most Expensive Fuel: $1.88 (BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld)
Big Things Seen:
Nights Free Camped: 0
Nights Low Cost Camped: 0
Nights Caravan Parks: 0
Nights Family Friends Sitting: 31
Times We Set Up Full Camp: 0
Longest Stay (Nights): 31
Shortest Stay (Nights): 0
Days On The Road: 0
Boat Trips: 2
Fish Caught: 1
Fish Caught - Brendon: 1
Fish Caught - Leah: 0


Location - Brendon: Seisia, Cape York Qld
Location - Leah: Seisia, Cape York Qld
Campground - Brendon: n/a
Campground - Leah: n/a
Fishing Spot - Brendon: Jackey Jackey Creek, Cape York Qld
Fishing Spot - Leah: Jackey Jackey Creek, Cape York Qld
Activity - Brendon: Launching the tinny for the first time at Jackey Jackey Creek, Cape York Qld
Activity - Leah: Visiting the Tip, Cape York, Qld
Meal Out - Brendon: Dim Sims, BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld
Meal Out - Leah: Dim Sims, BP Bamaga, Cape York Qld


So our weekly average for the month of January 2019 is $1,077.97. Still a little higher that what I originally thought but it is what it is.

This month we had a few large expenses that will be either a one off expense or set us up for a little while, they included:

  • Coles Online Order (6 weeks of food)
  • Annual Health Insurance
  • New Shoes for Brendon
  • Ninja Shark Snorkle Mask for Leah

Fingers crossed that this is the end of the large expenses for a while at least.

We also discovered that with the humid weather and the consistent rain of the wet season in Cape York we have now got some mold developing on the awning walls of the camper. So to help fix this we have purchased some dehumidifiers for when it needs to be shut up. We purchased some products to remove the mold and reseal the canvas to prevent it coming back. This will be applied when the weather starts to dry up, in the meantime it is spraying the canvas every day with a mix of vinegar and water.

Next month we will continue on as Care Takers of the Croc Tent, Cape York.  We are hoping to get out there explore a bit more of the Cape and share our adventures with you.


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