Mulgildie Pub (Free Camp)

Address: Mulgildie Hotel, Monal Street, Mulgildie QLD, Australia
Location Description: The camp area is right next to the pub in the vacant block, and can be accessed directly from the Burnett Highway.
Cost: Free
Type: Campground | Hotel/Motel
  • Tents
  • Camper Trailers
  • Caravans
  • Cabins/Rooms/On-site
  • 2WD Access
  • 4WD Access
  • Toilets
  • Phone Reception
  • Public Phone
  • Bar
  • Restaurant/Cafe
  • Fishing
  • Bush Walking


It is run by the pub, so it is nice to contribute to the local businesses by either buying a meal or a cold drink. We had dinner there and the food was nice and generous servings. The place had that authentic Aussie pub feel about it.

The campground is a vacant block located next to the pub with clear signs marking the free camping on the main road. The area is clean, grassed (there were bindies when we were there) and had a gentle slope. It is on the main road but there is very little traffic, so noise is minimal.

There are no dedicated facilities for the camping area. But if you purchase something from the pub you are more than welcome to use theirs during business hours. Outside of business hours there are public toilets a short walk away at the local hall. There are no bins, so rubbish must be taken with you.

The local hall also has a kid’s play area, free gas BBQs (which were all very clean) and picnic tables.

About The Area:

Mulgildie is a quirky small town that unfortunately has seen most of the shops in the town close over the past few years. The general store on the main road had closed and was up for sale. However, there is a few businesses still standing including the local pub, a book shop, Granny’s Treasures and a fabricator.

The area is predominately pastoral land originally used for sheep the area moved over to beef herds. The area has experienced a decline in dairy farming and is primarily now for beef cattle. However, the 2016 census shows that the most predominate industry of employment is pig farming.

Nearby Attractions:

As you drive into town you will notice a life size statue of a bunyip with a street sign for The Bunyip Hole. Of course, you must go check it out otherwise curiosity will get the better of you. It is just a short drive out of town where you will find the legendary Bunyip Hole, a place of mystery and intrigue.

Aboriginals tell the story of fearsome booming monsters that inhabit the local swaps and waterholes. Local stories tell of strange noises, bubbling and churning water in the hole and of cattle just disappearing into the depths as they drink from the water. Aboriginals knew the area as ‘Devil Devil’ country and like Drovers wouldn’t camp near the Bunyip Hole.

Or is it something more scientific? Others believe that the Bunyip Hole is somehow connected through a vast network of caverns to the extinct volcano Tellebang Mountain. It is said that when Tellebang Mountain rumbles the water in the Bunyip Hole boils.

At the Bunyip Hole, you can relax by the water, go hunting for bunyips (if you dare) or throw in a line. Just beware do not stand to close to the water’s edge you never know what is lurking beneath.

Closest Town And Distance: Mulgildie 0km

What We Liked: Who doesn't like a free camp and a beer!

What We Didn't Like: No onsite after hours facilities for campers.



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