Have we found Australia’s Best Meat Pie?

We think we have…..

Brendon about to try the Gemtree Meat Pie.

This delicous meat pie is made from home made pastry and a minimum of 290g (Yes you read that right, 290g) of rich beef filling. Now I know what you are thinking that is nearly the same as a lunch rump steak at your local, and trust me you will be full as a goog after this one.

290g of Meaty Goodness in this Pie

As you can see from the picture this pie is not all sauce and it is not going to drip down the front of you. The steak is so tender and along with the chunks there is also shreaded beef. I was a little concerned when I read the board and it mentioned papper as I am not a huge fan of pepper but it is definately not a prominent flavour.

But it is not all about the filling… The pie has a golden flakey top and the crust is not too thick so it is cooked through and holds its shape when taken out of the foil. Even with all the weight of the filling.

Golden Pastry Lid on the Gemtree Pie

And they are only $8.00……… But they do sell out. We had to wait 30 mins for one to cook but so worth the wait.

Gemtree Menu Board

So where can you get your hands on one of this flakey beefy parcels of goodness?

Gemtree Caravan Park on the Plenty Highway in NT. You can not drive past without stopping in.

Gemtree Caravan Park, Plenty Hwy Northern Territory.

Where is your best pie from?

Cyprus Day Use Area (Jackey Jackey Creek)

Cyprus Day Use Area offers great picnic areas and fresh water swimming.


Northern Peninsula Area, Cape York Queensland

Location Description:

Access to the track to Cyprus Day Use Area is off Bamaga Road. On the right approx 17.9 km from the Jardine River Crossing if you are heading north, or approx 25km on the left if you are heading south from Bamaga.

The track is an easy drive which is suitable for all drivers even those with limited 4wd experience. It also does not require any major modifications to your vechile. There is some wash outs to navigate when you first enter the track then it changes to a sandy base.

Important note: If you are using a Hema map it has the area listed as Jackey Jackey Creek with a camping icon. We were advised by locals that it is only day use.




Day Use Area



  • Bins
  • Swimming
  • Picnic area
  • Fires permitted


Cyprus is located on one of the fresh water tributaries of Jackey Jackey Creek in Cape York. The cool fresh water and shaded picnic areas makes Cyprus Day Use Area a cracker spot to spend a day in Cape York.

There is a nice beach area with varying depths of water located just in front of the picnic area which would be suitable for sitting in and enjoying a drink or for children under supervision.

If you walk upstream a little you will find a fallen tree over some deep water which is great fun to jump from. You can also float down the creek from here to the beach.


When you drive in you will see that there is plenty of open space and provided that there is not alot of other people already there, there is enough space to turn around if you are towing.

Surrounding the large open area there are lots of areas that shaded areas to set up for a picnic lunch or even a BBQ. We would suggest that you bring in some chairs or a blanket to sit on as it is a sandy base and no real grass covering the area. There was evidence of previous fire pits in the area, so we assume that they are allowed.

There is a bin in the day use area but if it is full please take your rubbish with you as there is wild pigs in the area and they will make a real mess.

There are NO toilets so you will need to act responsibly. Remember that this is a waterway that others will want to enjoy. If you are digging a hole make sure it is well away from the water and picnic area, burn your paper and cover it properly. Feral animals will dig up waste and unburnt paper. For the ladies bag your toilet paper and take it with you or put it in the bin. Lets not risk losing an awesome place to spend your day.

What we liked:

Besides the awesome place to swim, the accessibility of the area.

What we didn’t like:

There was already rubbish in the area and we visited in February. Lets keep it clean and keep it open.


The Tubes – Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Jervis Bay is an oceanic bay with several seaside villages and towns including the township of Jervis Bay. Located on the South Coast of New South Wales it is approximately 3 hour drive south of Sydney. The natural beauty of the area and the abundance wildlife that call it home make it a popular holiday destination and a must visit.

Pristine Waters of Jervis Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales.

The beautiful white sands and pristine water make it the perfect destination for people that love the water. There are beaches that are perfect for kayaking and paddle boarding and those that are well known for their surf breaks. There are also some excellent dive sites scattered throughout the bay including a a submerged Fairey Firefly a WWII aeroplane .

For us there was a different reason that we made the almost 13 hour trip from Brisbane to Jervis Bay…. The Black Marlin.

For many rock fishos ‘The Tubes’ in Jervis Bay is considered the birth place of land based game fishing in Australia. Land based game fishing takes fishing off the rocks to a whole new level targeting pelagic fish that most people considered as target species on game fishing boats. It is the Jervis Bay headland that protrudes into the Tasman Sea that makes it the perfect spot for land based game fishing. The area is known for pelagic fish like king fish, snapper, tuna and black marlin.

Stairway to ‘The Tubes’ a Land Based Game Fishing Hot Spot. Jervis Bay, NSW.

‘The Tubes’ are located on the Beecroft Peninsula the northern headland of Jervis Bay.  To access the tubes you need to go through the Department of Defence’s Beecroft Weapons Range, access to the area is restricted by a boom gate you are required to provide identification to obtain access. The area is closed to public visitors, other than authorised campers, from 9 pm till 2 am everyday.

The Beecroft Weapons Range is still in use for live firings by the Australian Navy so may be closed at certain times. This information is available on the Beecroft Weapons Range and Peninsula Facebook page. The area is also marked with red flags and signage during closures.

As tempting as it sounds to head down there and hook yourself a big one the tubes are not for the average fishing rig or casual fisho.  For starters you will need some heavy duty gear something that will handle the fish  you are targeting, Brendon uses his Shimano  Tiagra 50wlrsa or 80wlrsa with 130lb braid,  heavy leader and some special hook set ups that we make in arts and craft time. You will also need a kiddie pool to store your large live bait, an aerator to keep them happy, an extendable gaff for when you hook that big one and all the other bits and pieces you normally take.

Walking Track Down to ‘The Tubes’ Land Based Game Fishing Hot Spot. Jervis Bay, NSW

You will need to carry all your gear and enough food and water for the day along a bush track, down some steep metal stairs and across the rocky ledges to secure a place. The walk takes approximately 30-40 mins and not an easy stroll so you don’t want to be forgetting anything when you head down. Oh and you will also need to get there well before the sunrises to even have a chance of getting a spot.

So is it worth all the effort? If you are a mad fisher and looking for a challenge or to tick a large pelagic off your bucket list, Yes it is. It is one of the best places to go land based game fishing and all the people that return every season is proof of that. Sadly, we were there it was the very start of the marlin season and Brendon wasn’t able to tick a black marlin off the bucket list so we will be going back to Jervis Bay for another longer stay in the marlin season.

Brendon with a just legal yellowtail kingfish caught at ‘The Tubes’ that was put out as a live bait.

Jervis Bay is definitely somewhere that you should have on your list of places to visit. With the natural beauty of the bay and surrounding national parks, quaint seaside towns and villages, markets and great seafood it really has something for everyone.

More information on fishing ‘The Tubes’ visit: