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Australia Day 2018 – Clean up

It’s the day before Australia day 2018, with tomorrow Friday making it a long weekend we would normally go away camping, usually to Fraser Island. Whenever we go camping I am like a kid at Christmas. There is no chance I am going to get much sleep the night before, just a hyperactive child ready to explode. But it’s not going to be the same this week.
No packing up the truck, no shifting into low range, no rolling out the swag, and no flying the flag at our campsite proudly. This year, we will be spending Australia day at home sorting out the house, garage and shed. Sadly it’s all quite un-Australian.
Our home has become a haven for ‘stuff’, hoarding cadets maybe, we like a lot of people we have acquired a lot of ‘stuff’, most of it having been held onto just in case one day we may need it. Stuff just takes up time and energy, even when it is just sitting there awaiting it’s yet to be discovered purpose. Stuff continues to grow and the job of sorting it out becomes more daunting. We have just in case ‘stuff’ in our spare rooms, in the shed and in the garage. The plan for our Australia day long weekend is to cleanse, to get back to the simple life and only have the essentials, what we really need in the now, not what we may need for some indeterminate reason. The end game for this is the less stuff we have, the less we have to look after, clean and sort, so more time doing things we enjoy doing like fishing, camping and hitting the track.
Even with our plans of cleaning and sorting this weekend, there is a small level of excitement, sounds crazy I know, but there is a secondary reason to the tidying rather than camping decision (aka. madness). We will have a new camper soon, ‘Track and Tide HQ’, is on it’s way and we need somewhere that we can put it away safe. We are not 100% sure when it will be ready, but have been promised it will be in the next couple of months. The long weekend spent tidying with a beer in hand and I’m confident on Monday there will be a camper shaped spot in our shed just waiting to be filled and an organised house.

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