Month Eight on the Road – June 2019

Bamaga > Weipa
862 kmIn Muddie
$3,899.20TOTAL SPEND

Well the month of June didn’t quite go according to plan.

We said farewell to the Croc Tent Crew as we headed off to our next adventure the Weipa Fishing Classic. On arrival we treated ourselves to a night out only to discover that Muddie wouldn’t start when we went to head home.

After going in for repairs we discovered that not only did she need a new crank angle sensor but also needed a new gear box. A gear box isn’t something that is easily sourced from within the Cape so we have to wait for one to come up from Melbourne.

So with our time in Weipa being extended Brendon is making the most of fishing before we start to head inland in the next month or so.

We cancelled our committment as volunteers for the Big Red Bash as we are unsure if we will be able to make it in time with the gearbox. This was a little bit sad but it goes back on the bucket list.

As for the Weipa Fishing Classic no prizes won here and actually everyone agreed that the fishing wasn’t much good this year.

This is how we went…..

Distance Travelled = 862 km


Fuel: $430.25
Groceries: $563.50
Eating Out: $54.50
Alcohol: $251.80
Accommodation: $124.00
Truck: $1,329.09
Camping Gear: $2.50
Boat/Fishing Gear: $365.87
Entertainment: $80.00
Personal: $92.49
Bills: $33.21
Misc/Incidentals: $571.99
Permits/Licences: $0.00
Total: $ 3,899.20
Weekly Average: $909.81


Cheapest Fuel: $0.00 ()
Most Expensive Fuel: $0.00 ()
Big Things Seen: None
Nights Free Camped: 0
Nights Low Cost Camped: 0
Nights Caravan Parks: 26
Nights Family Friends Sitting: 4
Times We Set Up Full Camp: 1
Longest Stay (Nights): 26
Shortest Stay (Nights): 4
Days On The Road: 1
Boat Trips: 6
Fish Caught: 15
Fish Caught - Brendon: 11
Fish Caught - Leah: 4


Location - Brendon: Weipa, Qld
Location - Leah: Weipa, Qld
Campground - Brendon: Weipa Caravan Park, Weipa Qld
Campground - Leah: Weipa Caravan Park, Weipa Qld
Fishing Spot - Brendon: efueling Jetty, Evens Landing(Weipa) Qld
Fishing Spot - Leah: Mission River, Weipa Qld
Activity - Brendon: Weipa Fishing Classic evening entertainment
Activity - Leah: Weipa Fishing Classic evening entertainment
Meal Out - Brendon: Brisket Burger, Fishing Classic
Meal Out - Leah: Doughnuts, Weipa Fishing Classic


Average weekly spend was up there again with $909.81…

What blew us out this month was primarily the repairs on Muddie, which will unfortunately flow into next month aswell.

Luckily RACQ Roadside Assistance covered most of our accomodation costs whilst we waited on repairs in Weipa.

After Brendon’s bad luck with his fishing rods up north, we decided to buy him a new one since he was nearly restricted to my pink one.. lol.. But it will help with the food bills. We also had a couple of extra bits and pieces for the fishing classic.

Our Incidentals/Miscellanous was also up this month as at the nightly entertainment for the Weipa Fishing Classic it was cash only and we brought dinner and Doughnuts…. mmmmm doughnuts there each night.

So, now we are on the move I have drawn up a budget that will kick in next month. Hopefully this will get us on track.

We haven’t a set plan for next month as yet as it is very dependant on when Muddie will be right to go.


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